Digital Artist - Photographer


It hit me out of nowhere. I was a little boy living in Peru, when one day, on my parent’s old black and white TV, I saw a portrait. It was Picasso’s Weeping Woman, and I couldn’t help but stare at her. Something about her sadness and the bizarre way she was painted resounded deeply with me. From this day on, I was faszinated by art – and its endless possibilities.

Early in my career, living in the US and later in Berlin, Germany, I focused mainly on photography. I love Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and Man Ray, and they inspired me as I was photographing events, concerts, or doing portraiture, concept and album covers.

But as the years passed by I started to find photography on its own limiting. I wanted to do more abstract and surreal works that had an analog feeling to it – just like I remembered it from the Weeping Woman. I went back to analog photography, trying different techniques. But somehow it was no as exciting as before. And somehow it couldn’t quite grasp what I was trying to say.

Early in 2021 I found new inspiration – making digital art. I am happy with the progress that I have made creating again, being able to work as abstract or concrete as I want, melting photos and paintings, melting reality with dreams and everything imaginable. Making digital art has been very therapeutic and has made me look more within myself and what is there to discover.

My new works focus mainly on self discovery, introspection and mental health issues. I hope that through my art I can inspire others in dark places. Thank you for visiting my site and coming along with me on my artistic journey.

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