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Amerikan Nativo

Historically speaking, we went from being Indians to pagans to savages to hostile to militant to activist to Native Americans. Five hundred years later and they still can’t see us. We are still invisible. -John Trudell

The Natives have been oppressed, killed, discriminated against and their lands taken away. Still the natives are not part of the discussion on racism and discrimination. These images are my small contribution to brining awareness to the on going fight of the Natives of America. They are inspired by books, stories, and Native American wisdom. All images contain have the American flag that flies over the WW II memorial in Washington DC as a salute to the “Code Talkers”.

Amerikan Nativo - invisible

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A 2016-2018 National Congress of American Indians report found that in 27 states not a single Native American figure is mentioned in their entire K-12 education curriculum.

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