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I had reached a dead end, after six years at the same job it was no longer fun. Work felt like going to get your teeth pulled…everyday…nonstop. Minutes felt like hours and days like months. I should have left long before but I was not listening to my inner voice and stayed even though I was not happy and the environment was very toxic. Fear kept me from leaving. Fear of starting something new. Fear of rejection. Fear of the unknown. During this period I got sick and had to have minor surgery that kept me six weeks away from work. It was a blessing in disguise from the universe. Although I had no energy to do anything, I did manage to keep creating while I was recovering. I was feeling stuck, insecure, angry, burned out, withdrawn. Making images for all these feelings I was going through helped me calm down. And one day I decided to send out some applications. After ten applications, three were rejected immediately, four never answered and three gave me interviews. From those three I got two job offers and I took the best one for me.

Nothing changes until you make the first step, even if it scares the shit out of you.


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I was too tired to talk, eat, take care of myself.

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