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BPM 12


As the year draws to a close, reflecting on its highs and lows, I find inspiration in the lessons learned and the happy moments experienced. Despite setbacks, 2023 brought an incredible partner exhibit that fueled my passion for creating and spreading the Lost@Home message of art for mental health. Consistency prevailed with the support of DJ JimPanse, as we shared blog posts and playlists monthly, intertwining art and music.

Each year presents new opportunities and challenges, weaving a mosaic of life’s struggles. Amidst darkness, seek the light; within the struggle, find beauty. Cherish time with those who uplift and love you, for time is a precious gift.

As I stand on the brink of 2024, uncertain of its offerings, I embrace both the good and the challenges that may come. My commitment to art and self-improvement remains unwavering, even in the face of difficulties. Embracing the present moment becomes a resolution.

To all who follow, buy art, and encourage my journey, I wish you a Happy New Year. Let’s continue growing, evolving into our best selves, embracing imperfections. Here’s the final playlist of the year, curated by the ever-talented DJ JimPanse. Cheers to continued growth and evolution in the coming year!

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