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BPM 9 – The Snapper


Lori is my best friend’s dog – he got her through a rescue organisation. When I met her almost 2.5 years ago, she was completely scared of the world. The world had not been nice to her up to that point. She was found in a wet box in the middle of a field in Romania. She, along with her brothers, were just left there to die. So when I first saw her a few days after he got her, she was hiding under the kitchen table, her body was trembling. As I slowly got close she started to growl to let it be known she was about to come after me if i continued. So I put a treat near her and she suspiciously took it and liked it. She stayed under the table for the remainder of the time, not knowing if she could trust me or not.

Since then she has been part of Friday Resets and the Lost@Home family. The cover for the new playlist was made the night when the idea for Lost@Home came to me. I always find inspiration from her: She is still cautious and will snap if you don’t come with the right energy. But she is not scared of the world anymore. She is not hiding under the table anymore. She stays on the couch with me, and she is very sweet and loving in her own way – since she learned that trusting is not always dangerous.

Once again my boy @djjimpanse made a playlist for you all to enjoy. He can tell you that sometimes you don’t need psychedelics to get your visions, just to be in the right state of mind and a good guide like Lori. This mix is called Epiphany. Make sure you follow him on Instagram and Spotify.

The Snapper

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This image was created when the idea for Lost@Home came to me. On a night where everything was spinning and melting around me, she was the one sleeping through it all.

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