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The Journey Begins


By the end of 2020 I found myself in a dark place. A place I thought I’d never see again. It’s a place where doubts feed on fears that hang onto the past like ticks stuck to the flesh of time. I didn’t want to be there but it’s a place I’m all too familiar with and it’s hard to leave. During this period I thought I had lost my vision creatively. I felt lost.

But life is funny and sometimes it’s brings you darkness so that you can reset and refocus.
I’m grateful for this dark period the universe gave me. With the help of some of the brightest stars I was able to navigate through the darkness and find my way out.
As a way to cope I started to paint again (digitally). This is a painting I did from that period. I think it captures how I was feeling at that time.

-Self- 2021

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