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BPM 14 – The Rebuild


We have all broken down and have had to rebuild ourselves at some point in our lives. The universe is unpredictable and we will fall and break again and again, but for me, it is in the darkest moments that I’m able to see the light and grow.

Putting yourself back together is not easy and it can be scary. In the beginning, the rebuild won’t feel or look picturesque, and the reflection we see may not be familiar. However, it’s in this discomfort that things start to align, creating clarity and understanding. The pieces, once carefully arranged, form a mosaic of newfound strength and wisdom.

With every break, the glue holding us together becomes stronger. In life’s ups and downs, it is important to find beauty in the rebuilding process and not just the final result. So, if you feel broken, embrace the journey of piecing yourself back together. It is in these moments of introspection and reconstruction that we discover the unwavering strength within, ready to face whatever the universe has in store for us next. 

And it can’t be a BPM without those beats from my bro DJ Jim Panse, check it out.

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