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BPM 15 – Puzzle


In 2022, I flew to San Diego for a family reunion, marking my first visit to this beautiful place. Between great food, perfect weather, and beautiful beaches, the heart of the trip unfolded in the warmth of family connections.

As we looked around the Airbnb we rented, we found some board games and someone brought a puzzle into the living room—a seemingly simple addition that transformed into the soulful core of our reunion. As family members, some I had not seen for almost 16 years, gathered around this puzzle, it became a symbol of our shared experiences and the beauty of our family bonds.

Much like the puzzle pieces scattered across the table, each family member represented a unique individual, contributing to the collective masterpiece of our shared history. Laughter, tears, and heartfelt conversations emerged around the puzzle.

This puzzle in our living room brought us together. As we worked on it, we shared stories and laughter. Even when some family members couldn’t be there, we felt their presence. It reminded us that, like the puzzle, we’re all connected, each of us adding something special.
Embrace moments of togetherness with your loved ones and spread the love, one puzzle piece at a time.

Once again the DJ Jim Panse has made another banger playlist for your spring/summer.

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