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BPM 7 – Boggie


It’s summer, and I’m on vacation! That means getting lots of rest, lots of food, lots of family time, and a lot of music and dancing. And what better way to start the vacation than with DJ JimPanse’s “LostAtHome” playlist. So put on your dancing shoes and turn your headphones up.

I really look forward to these BPMs. It’s always cool to see what @djjimpanse will come up with. I try to guess what kind of music he will add to the playlist, but I’m always surprised when I finally listen to it.

For this image, I wanted to experiment more with collage and the idea of dancing as if no one is watching, even though someone is always watching. To let go of self-consciousness and fear of judgment, and embrace your true self regardless. Applying this to everything, just as you would dance freely when no one is watching, focus on expressing yourself in all areas of life. Follow your passions and dreams without worrying about the opinions of others, including my intrusive thoughts.

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