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Why Lost@Home?


I been getting some questions as to why I changed the name from @incaiko.art to @officially_lostathome. I had been thinking of ways to connect more with people that see my art and describe better the feeling behind the images I make. So one Friday when I usually chill with my homie I was making new images. Purple Haze was playing  extra loud that night and I was sitting there going around in circles in my head. There are times when I get caught up in my own head. 

As the night went on I started to feel frustrated because I was not happy with the way the images where coming out. My brain was all over the place, I was overthinking, but I kept on working on new ideas. I started writing random words and the words ‘lost’ and ‘home’ came up and I really liked them together. As I kept working and writing those words over and over all of a sudden I wrote Lost@Home and I thought it was the best way to describe that feeling I’ve had and been looking for. That feeling when it’s like I’m there, but not quite. When nothing is really wrong, but I don’t feel right. The thing I love about creating is that there is always room to evolve. And so incaiko.art evolved into Lost@Home. 

In short, making digital art helps me express feelings I can’t put into words and Lost@Home is my place to share the images that result in the process. I hope you like them and can relate or be inspired if you too ever felt Lost@Home. 

Lastly, I am collaborating with my brother from another mother @djjimpanse on Lost@Home playlists for every BPM. The music is inspired by the images and put together by himself. You can listen here:

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