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BPM 2 – MNFRD Situation


I was in a situation at a hospital last year where it would have helped to know more German. Sometimes I wish I my German was better because it would be make life easier. But not knowing it makes life much funnier and interesting.

Last year I had to have surgery and be put under anesthesia. It was a painful and uncomfortable situation. Due to it though I had six weeks to recover and away from work which helped me rebalance and focus. 

Although I was at the hospital for only one night it was not a pleasant experience. The food was bad, my roommate made a cough like noise every few minutes — but the craziest thing was when I was getting ready for surgery.

Two nurses walked into my room and started to explain something to me. They must have realized by the look in my face that I was not understanding anything they were saying. They looked at their chart and said… “Oh, Jose! Spain?!” I said that I was not from Spain but they just repeated louder again, “Spain!?” So I just went along with it… yes, Spain. “Uno, dos, tres. Ja?!” I nodded my head.

They decided to use body language to explain to me what they were going to do. One nurse said “Uno”, and took out a small bottle from her pocket. The other nurse turned and they started to show me with her hands, that this bottle was going to go in my ass. “Dos”, they said and both started to make bubbling noises and rubbing their stomach. “Tres”, they showed me how everything would come out and started to yell “Olé, Olé! All out, Olé!” 

I can laugh about it now but at that moment all I could do was hope for the best. Everything went ok and I recovered just fine. 



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