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BPM 16 – Among the Stars


One of my first memories is of me and my family lying on the floor of my house, looking up at the sky and the stars through an opening in the roof. We lived in a small house next to the Pan American highway that runs all the way through Latin America. 

I always thought it was crazy around there. Besides the danger of being run over by cars, there was no barrier or anything, I remember it being very noisy. There were mechanics a couple of houses next to ours, so the sound of metal was constant. There was a local crazy homeless guy that always carried a machete, we called him El Loco. He would just walk around and yell. 

There was also La Lorrona, the tale of the ghost of a woman that lost all her kids which makes her go after kids at night that walk too far from their home. There were cool things too though, like when the sugarcane trucks passed by and all the kids would run after them and take some sugarcane that was sticking out. 

And among all this action my parents would try to create nice moments for us. So on some nights they would lay out blankets on the floor and we would lay down underneath this opening of the house. This was my little piece of the sky. It seemed like the sky was full of stars to me. We would talk about everything and nothing and laughter drowned all of the outside noise. 

And looking up seeing shooting stars, I would imagine what it would be like to be be among them. If I would be able to see my tiny house from up there. Ever since then every time I look up at the stars I get the same feeling as I did as a child. Enjoying the little moments filled with love and laughter and still dreaming and wondering if I can find my place on this tiny planet among the stars.

And a BPM can not be complete without another playlist by the cosmic DJ himself, DJ Jim Panse. Let your mind go on a musical journey with this latest playlist.

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