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BPM 3 – Friday Resets


Fridays have become very important to me. It has become my day to create. It all started during Covid lockdown, as way to stay in touch with friends we would hangout on Fridays and it quickly evolved as a day to create. A day to let go. A day to get lost in contemplation, to leave reality to get new perspectives and then come back.

It was during a Friday Reset that I got my new vision artistically. Almost all the images I make start as a sketch during Friday Resets. 

As someone that is living with depression, Friday Reset is my safe place. It usually takes place at my homies house. He has become my shaman of sorts, guiding me with his playlists while I create and try new things artistically. I can talk about ideas and life without feeling judged. I reset myself. I reset the universe.

And once again hear the visions of a chimp with this new playlist by @djjimpanse.

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